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Sore winners? [UPDATE: Yep, that's what they are in New England]

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Patriots owner Bob Kraft had no comment Monday after his accusations that the Colts cheated were proven false. He did offer the following written statement: "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Is there such a thing? Apparently in New England there is. Barely three months after their organization had two cheaters (head coach Bill Belichick and safety Rodney Harrison) caught and punished by the NFL, and barely 24 hours after they beat the Colts in a game billed as "Armageddon," the Patriots are now accusing the Colts of... cheating?
The NFL is looking into allegations that the Indianapolis Colts piped in noise during the game Sunday between the Colts and the Patriots. The charge comes after Patriots President Jonathan Kraft became the latest NFL team executive to accuse the Colts of the distracting tactic that is against the rules.

"We're aware of it and we're looking into it," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Monday. "It may just be the TV feed from CBS, but we're checking it out."

Observers at the game said there seemed to be a "skip" in the sound during the game Sunday, which the Patriots won 24-20. That might confirm the long-held suspicion among many people in the NFL that the Colts play loud crowd noise to help distract opponents when the other team is on offense.

"We're aware of the accusations, but there has never been anything to substantiate it," Aiello said.

Gee, I've never seen whining from a team after they've WON a game, but I guess that's just how they roll in Bawston. Whine when they lose. Whine when they win. I guess they're mad that they didn't get to roll up 40 points on a team, or that their offense spent most of the day peeling themselves off the RCA turf rather than doing cartwheels into the endzone.

Honestly, is the collective age maturation of the New England Patriots that of a ten-year-old?

Of course, the irony of a team caught cheating making accusations about another team supposedly cheating is charming and cute, in a creepy, pathetic sort of way; kind of like OJ Simpson offering marriage counseling.

Look, we've heard this accusation before. Jerry Jones' Saturday night gimp, Ed Werder, made the claim back in 2005, and had no evidence to back up his "observation." As Mr. Aiello said, people can say what they want. Without evidence, it's just whining. People make dumb claims all the time, and when cheaters themselves are accusing others of cheating, it's kind of hard to take them seriously.

That said, if the Colts were piping in crowd noise, or any noise for that matter, in blatant violation of league rules, I'd expect them to be punished as the NFL sees fit. Then, I'd expect some accountability. New England fans may tolerate and even reward cheating. Indianapolis fans do not.

However, until we read the words "Colts punished for cheating," it's just the mad ravings of an owner (Bob Kraft) who is whining after his team won the game. How pathetically stupid is that?

You think Bob is scared to see these Colts again? Is the Pope Catholic? Does Rodney Harrison inject HGH into his cock?

Update [2007-11-5 15:56:57 by BigBlueShoe]: Well, apparently, you can look like a loser after you win a game. Just ask Bob Kraft and the Patriots, who claimed the Colts were piping in crowd noise during "Armageddon" yesterday. Apparently, ole Bob isn't all that interested in facts when he makes claims about cheating:

An unusual sound on the telecast of Sunday's game between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots was a CBS production issue and not evidence of the Colts breaking NFL rules by enhancing noise at the RCA Dome, a network spokesman said today.

"It was the result of tape feedback in the CBS production truck," the network's LeslieAnne Wade said. "In no way was it from the stadium.

Hey Bob, if you want to see what a cheater looks like, remove your head from your ass for a few moments, look down your office hallway, and call out your head coach's name.