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The bug bites Gonzo

I am completely fascinated by this picture.
Just when we see Marvin practicing, we learn Gonzo is out 3-4 weeks with a dislocated thumb (tip to torontocoltsfan).
Indianapolis Colts team doctors have told rookie wide receiver Anthony Gonazalez he will miss three to four weeks with a dislocated thumb that also might have a torn ligament, reports NFL Network's Adam Schefter.

Gonzalez, the team's first round pick in 2007's draft, injured his thumb on the first play from scrimmage of the Colts' loss to the Patriots.

Well, now we know why Gonzo dropped that TD pass. Kinda hard to catch passes when your thumb is dislocated. I'll give the rook credit, he tried to play through it. Tough little SOB, ain't he?

Hey, I've got an idea! Maybe Gonzo can make a special oxygen tent for just his thumb so it will have him back in a week or two!

If Marvin can't play, the Colts will have only three active WRs: Reggie, Moorehead, and the king of all great receiver names... Craphonso Thorpe.

So, what's this mean? Well, it means the Colts might have to run the ball more and play some D. No problem with that. And despite being a little light at WR, our QB is still pretty good (or so I'm told). He can make the plays needed. Expect to see more Addai and K2 in the passing game, and more Dallas Clark split out on Sunday.

Freddie KO, Hagler, and Boiman are also a little banged up. So far, the bug has bitten the WRs and the LBers. Every year, it seems one or two specific area get bit hard by the bug.