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Because we love you: Introducing Mocking the Draft

Mocking the Draft
SB Nation takes another step towards godhood by bringing on board Matt Millar (of New Era Scouting) to run SB Nation's site dedicated to the NFL Draft called Mocking the Draft. From Matt:
Mocking the Draft is going to become your hub for NFL Draft information. We all frequent more than one draft site, especially if we're really crazy about it. The goal here is to point you to the best NFL Draft stories, rankings and mock drafts; as well as providing our own to you.

I'm also looking for willing participants that are willing to work on a low budget (none) from the start. Our diaries will work as a community for us to talk about prospects, team needs, games to watch and more. I plan on devoting more of my life than I already have to the draft via this blog... if that's possible.

I know many of you love talking Draft stuff, and we will still do that here. I will likely contribute some to Mocking, as will the other NFL and college football writers. But, if you want to contribute to Mocking, click here to let Matt know.

Head over to Mocking the Draft and welcome Matt to SB Nation.