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Around the Colts Blogoshpere: Glory Hallelujah!

Take a trip with me, boys and girls, to all the other blogs talking about the Colts:

  • 18 to 88 gives me some of the best news I've heard in months: LT Tony Ugoh will play Sunday against the Jags. Deshawn Zombie also takes a few shots at two of my favorite people in the world: Bill Simmons and Vic Ketchum.
    I can't wait for this game.

    I have the sneaky suspicion that the kitties are going to get their heads handed to them on Sunday, and I couldn't be happier about it. Jack Del Rio's comments about the Colts couldn't have been more ill timed. I think the roof is going to come off the dome Sunday from 56,000 people determined to make sure Vic suffers permanent hearing loss.

    Have I mentioned how much I like Deshawn? I might just have Vinatieri-like man crush on the guy.
  • Click here and learn more about lolcolts.
  • Phil B's Indy Star blog talks about Rob Morris and how he's healing. He also makes fun of Jack Del Rio, who made some pretty stupid comments this week:
    It's all about spin if you're an NFL coach, I guess. Asked about the importance of Sunday's Colts-Jags game, Jags coach Jack Del Rio said something about how both the Colts and his team are 3-3 in their last six divisional games. Pause. Double pause. He said what? I'm guessing Del Rio is trying to suggest his Jags are just as good as the Colts. OK, maybe so, but the stat is as silly as it gets. Fact is, the Colts are 3-0 in the AFC South this year and the Jags are 2-2. If the Jags win Sunday, they would still need another Colts loss and maybe two to claim the division. If searching for stats to back up spin, stick with the here and the now, coach. Last year doesn't count. If it did, the Super Bowl champions could play that card.

    Yet another example of Jack Del Rio acting like an idiot. Thanks for the extra motivation, Jack, and we all look forward to seeing our team smack your team around, again.
    Idiot head coach.
  • David J. Warner over at AOL Fanhouse says Marvin will not play Sunday.
  • Russell Puntenney over at MVN questions the Colts' injury decisions, basically saying Marvin Harrison should play in this game and then sit out until the playoffs.