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Is Tom Brady really that blind, or that stupid?

Ryan Wilson of AOL Fanhouse discusses Ron Jaworski's criticisms of Randy Moss, and Tom Brady's laughable reaction to them. What started all this is Jaworski (ESPN's best analyst and the only knowledgeable human being in the MNF booth) called out Randy Moss during the MNF game last week because Randy (eek!) took plays off. Of course, this is nothing new for the rest of us who live on planet Earth. Randy's been doggin' it pretty much his entire NFL career, and it's a big reason why he will never sniff the Hall of Fame, despite all-world talent.

But apparently, Tom Brady took offense to Jaworski's observations in a way that makes me question Brady's sanity or his overall intelligence:

"I have never, ever felt he has taken plays off. Are you kidding me? There is nothing there about Randy's game that I'm not 100 percent positive on," Brady said....

"It bothers me that people take unnecessary shots at him," Brady said. "I don't know what he's done in the past, but he's been great to be around and I think people just like taking shots, unfortunately. If you truly appreciated what he does in his game, then [you wouldn't take shots] ... around us he's a great teammate and everything we're looking for."

Wilson at Fanhouse defines Brady's comments perfectly:
First of all, Brady doesn't know what Moss has done in the past? Really? I guess Bill Belichick doesn't allow televisions on the compound. Otherwise, Brady's full of crap. Second, I imagine Brady knows exactly what Jaws is talking about since he watches the same tape. It's not surprising that he wouldn't call out his teammate, especially one who's on pace to break all sorts of receiving records, but he sounds silly defending Moss.
So, either Tommy Terrific is lying through his teeth, or he's plain blind. I also like how he claims Jaworski took "unnecessary shots" at Moss. Really? Jaws looked at tape, saw Moss doggin' it, and called him out on it. I know. Shocking, isn't it? This is nothing new for Moss, and Brady knows that. Moss is known as a lazy player who only plays hard when 1) The team is good, and 2) When he's getting the ball.

I sometimes wonder if Patriots players are as deluded and disconnected from reality as their fanbase sometimes is. Like Wilson, I fully expect Patriots PR representative and HGH doper Rodney Harrison to start barking about how Randy isn't "respected" the way he should be.