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CBS in bed with the Patriots, more silliness from Sunday night, and hula dancing

Awful Announcing has a rather disturbing story up. CBS and the Patriots are now in bed together:

CBS and the Kraft Group are partnering to launch The CBS Scene Restaurant & Bar, a three-story, 15,000 square-foot entertainment and sports venue at the new Patriot Place near Gillette Stadium set to open in the fall of '08. The restaurant, part of the 1.3 million square-foot Patriot Place project, will also include facilities for CBS, CBS Sports and local TV and radio affiliate stations to telecast game coverage, pre-game reports, local newscasts and live broadcasts. Additionally, the venue will boast a memorabilia display and more than 130 HD TV's broadcasting both live and former CBS programming.
I guess things like impartiality, ethics, and integrity mean less to CBS than selling over-priced hot dogs and beer. Basically, the affiliate stations and other media outlets that will house CBS reporters and news people will get built by the New England Patriots. Doesn't that strike anyone as a conflict of interest? We can now throw CBS in with the ESPNs of the world; no ethics, no standards, no journalistic sense. Just another big media whore laying a brick on the face of us NFL fans.

In other news less depressing, Al Michaels sounded drunk last night! Forget his horrible Howard Cosell impressions, but did you hear him call Dallas Clark "Dwight Clark" last night? I laughed when I heard it slip out, because Dallas is indeed very similar to Dwight Clark. Maybe Manning and Clark will have a Montana and Clark moment in the championship game this season, if the Colts are fortunate enough to get there.

Also, Gary Brackett better make the damn Pro Bowl along with DE Robert Mathis and Bob Sanders. Brackett has 4 INTs and a gaggle of tackles this season. He's the only starting LBer from last year's defense, and DAMN has he elevated his game.  The Colts should have seven Pro Bowler this year. If they don't, the Pro Bowl is total sh*t and should be disbanded without ceremony.

Colts Pro Bowlers (aka, they better be hula dancing): Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Robert Mathis, Gary Brackett, Bob Sanders. Pro Bowl balloting ends tomorrow at noon.