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Lawyer Milloy is one cool guy

Ok, this is one of the funniest football-related images I've ever seen. I'll preface this by saying Bobby Petrino is a total punk loser. When you give a half-hearted effort in an NFL job, you are cheating fans who dish out a lot of money to see your team play. This is cheating just as "Spygate" and steriods and HGH are cheating. When you cheat the fans, you cheat PERIOD.

That said, when you cut and run like Petrino did, you also cheat the players. After quitting on his team Tuesday, Petrino issued a memo to his players explaining his actions and wishing them well. Take a look at what Lawyer Milloy, safety for the Falcons, did to Petrino's letter:

Lawyer Milloy's edits to Petrino's goodbye letter.

That's fking hilarious! Also, take a look at what Milloy had to say about Petrino:

"One thing I'm really [mad] at was while he was having a half-hearted approach to games, he was putting us all at risk. His mind wasn't in it. That explains why he threw a challenge flag a play after he was allowed to. Why we went for it on fourth-and-9 and punted on fourth-and-1. Maybe he was on the phone at Arkansas to the AD at that point. The cancer was diagnosed. Never would you want it to be your head coach, your general, to be that cancer, but in our case, it was."
Wow. Guess we should thank ole Bobby for gift-wrapping Indy's Thanksgiving romp of the Falcons. Talk about a piece of garbage. For more Petrino love, check out The Falcoholic.