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More perspective

More perspective on how deep the Colts' roster is and how well they have played:

In fact, this Sunday only 5 of the original 11 projected preseason starters will play for the Colts on defense. Hayden, Jackson, Sanders, Keiaho, and Brackett will line up with the likes of Giordano, Thomas, and Johnson. That means the Colts have lost (at least temporarily):

Freeney, Mathis, McFarland, Brock, Bethea and Morris. Sanders, Keiaho, and Hagler have also missed games. When you add Harrison and Diem to that list, you begin to realize how remarkable this season has been for the Colts. Oh yeah, Clark, Addai, Ugoh and Gonzalez have all missed games as well.

Yesterday, on the crap fest that is ESPN's Football Today podcast, the yahoos from Scouts Inc were discussing their QB rankings. Keith Kidd, who is an ex Patriots employee was discussing with Jeremy (I helped with the worst draft record in history in Cleveland) Green why they wanted to make love to Tom Brady. Jeremy Green made the comment that with all the injuries, you could see how normal Peyton Manning has become. I laughed out loud. Manning played exactly one bad quarter this year. He, like his team, is having an amazing season.