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Week Fifteen a week of firsts

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  • Colts become the first team in NFL history to win twelve or more games for five straight seasons.
  • The Dolphins won their first game this season in OT over the Ravens. Baltimore Ravens ownership might want to re-think retaining head coach Brian Billick.
  • Patriots become the first team (since the 1972 Dolphins) to start a season 14-0.
  • Todd Collins, QB for the Redskins, started his first game in 10 years against the Giants (and won).
  • Emmit Thomas coached his first pro game was the Interim Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons, and got whacked.
  • Sunday was the first game this year Tom Brady did not throw a TD.
  • Sunday was the first game this year Laurence Maroney actually did something to earn his paycheck.
  • Peter King was the first to make the inevitable bone-headed comment about the Patriots on Sunday Night Football. He stated the Pats could indeed run the ball, and Sunday's game proved they could win in cold weather. Peter, known for his leg humping of the Pats, probably forgot the Pats were playing the Jets, who sport one of the worst run defenses in football. Laurence Maroney barely averaged 4 a carry against said crappy defense.
  • The Oakland game was the first fourth quarter comeback this season for Peyton Manning and the offense. They have lead, or tied, in the fourth quarter in all of their previous 11 wins.
  • The Cleveland snow game against Buffalo was the first game to end with an 8-0 score since 1922.
  • TJ Rushing returned his first kick for a TD, fulfilling a dream.
  • Speaking of kick returns...

  • Tampa Bay ran back a kick return for a TD for the first time in franchise history. Micheal Spurlock did the honors in the first quarter with a 90 yard return. Jolly good, Michael. Jolly good.
  • and finally...

  • The Tampa Bay Bucs are still the first, and only, team to go winless in one season. Rest easy, gents. You are still immortal.