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Stampede Blue meet and greet!

Master R Wayne and I managed to swing tickets to the Texans game this Sunday, and we plan to do a little tail gating before the game. However, I realize (since the game is meaningless) that many might sell their tickets. Also, it is holiday time, and some just don't want to schlep all the way downtown on a Sunday when there is last minute X-Mas shopping to do.

So, I have an alternative.

If folks want to have a little meet and greet, I'm open to meet up at a bar, or the like, this Thursday (December 20th). Pittsburgh plays St. Louis this Thursday on NFL Network, and if folks want to gather to watch this game (and talk about the Colts), I'm down for it. If I get my ass organized, I might even have some Stampede Blue shirts to hand out.

Are people down for this kind of thing?