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Clark Judge says something really stupid

CBS' Clark Judge, normally a good columnist, is pretty stupid right here:

CBS analyst Dan Marino said that Indianapolis or Jacksonville can go into New England and beat the Patriots. I disagree. The Colts suffer from Dome Syndrome, which tells us that no dome teams have gone to the Super Bowl by playing outdoors. Yeah, Jacksonville can run the ball, but what's the Jags' weakness? Uh-huh, pass defense. Good luck against Tom Brady.
Hmmmm. I seem to recall, and maybe you do too, that the Colts beat the Ravens in Baltimore last year in the Divisional Round. That game was outside. I have no problem with people thinking the Pats can hold their own at home, but to use the same old (and untrue) cliche that no "dome team" can get to a Super Bowl by playing outside is just bad journalism. Check your facts next time, Clark.