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Big coaching turnover in 2008

Yes, Brian Westbrook's play at the end of the Dallas game cost me a fantasy football championship. However, it was still an awesome play. Westbrook is a stud. The Eagles, however, are a garbage team and Andy Reid is simply clueless when it comes to drafting talent. The Eagles have not been an elite team since they lost Super Bowl 39 to the Pats, and the reason why is piss poor drafting by Reid. It's been nine years, and he Eagles still do not have a big play WR or TE. For more on this, visit Bleeding Green Nation.

It's my opinion that Reid should (and might) get the boot in Philly. They were mathematically eliminated last night from the playoffs for the second time in two years. Reid can't coach this team anymore, and his in-game decisions this year cost them at least two wins. The whiny fatman should get the boot, along with a lot of other coaches. I think there will be a lot of coaching turnaround this off-season. Petrino is already gone in Atlanta, but to be honest he was never really all there anyway. Other coaches that will likely get booted are John Fox, Cam Cameron, Herm Edwards, Mike Nolan, Marvin Lewis, Tom Coughlin, and Scott Linehan. It's also possible Jon Gruden and Jack Del Rio will leave their jobs in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, respectively. That's ten coaches possibly leaving their teams. Add to that the strong possibility that Dungy could retire at the end of this season, and you've got yourself a coaching whirlwind.

There are many good assistants waiting in the wings for head coaching opportunities, like Jim Caldwell, Leslie Frazer, Al Sanders, Jim Schwartz, and Mike Singletary. And, of course, guys like Bill Cowher and Marty Schottenheimer are available. So, if you think about it, having all those fired coaches is not such a bad thing. All seven initially listed stink, and both Gruden and Del Rio are nothing special. If teams like Cincy, KC, NY, and St. Louis retain their coach, you can pretty much scratch them off for the 2008 season as well. Since owners are somewhat unwilling to accept that (except maybe Wayne Huizinga), I expect lots of coaching turnover in the 2008.