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Gonzo is an uber nerd

Michael David Smith could learn a lot from David J. Warner. Both work for AOL. Both cover the NFL. Only Warner seems to watch the games, and write as if he knows something about football.

I found this little nugget from a few days ago:

Here's what we learned about the rookie [Anthony Gonzalez] from Ohio State:

    * He spends most of his day off studying film and reading books.
    * He wants to go to law school when he's done with football.
    * He's a budding politics wonk who's thinking about becoming a judge.
    * His current reading selection is a book about hydrogen cars and the oil industry.

From this brief interview, I can only gather one thing -- Anthony Gonzalez is a huge nerd.

This makes him a perfect fit for the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning's targets have to be smart guys to fit into that offense.

Warner also calls Bill Polian as genius, further proof that Warner is an amazing writer for AOL Fanhouse with a tremendous knowledge of the NFL.