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Week Thirteen: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts- Open Thread

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) at Indianapolis Colts (9-2)
Week Eleven:  Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

Location: RCA Dome  Indianapolis, IN

Kick-off time: 1:00 pm ET

Broadcast: CBS

Key injuries: Marvin Harrison is unlikely to play. It's also possible the RT Ryan Diem will not go. However, LT Tony Ugoh is expected back, as is RT Charlie Johnson and LB Tyjuan Hagler. We may even see S Matt Giordano, who has been out the last few weeks. If many of these players return, the Colts special teams will have close to their full compliment. Hopefully, we'll see an upgrade.

This is Part II of the Revenge Saga for the Colts. Last year, late into the season, Tennessee, Houston, and Jacksonville all embarrassed the Colts. This year, the Colts have gotten a measure of revenge, dominating the Jags in Jacksonville in prime time and beating Houston and Tennessee in their houses. Now, the remainder of their division games are in the RCA Dome, and this game is the next step in a complete and total revenge package, but it might not be the final step. Regardless of this game's outcome, it is very possible Indy will face Jacksonville in the playoffs.

Both teams are missing key players due to injury. Jacksonville will be without LB (and former Colt) Mike Peterson. They are also minus Marcus Stroud, because he's a cheater. Despite the absence of these two guys, Jacksonville still has a helluva team, and this is a mega test for the Colts. Just like the last game, the Colts must control Jacksonville's running game and force turnovers. David Garrard has yet to throw an INT. That should change today, facing one of the best secondaries in football. Indy must run the ball themselves (like last time), and control the game. Look for a big day from Dallas Clark and Anthony Gonzalez.

Chris at Big Cat Country is actually in Indianapolis today, and will attend the game! If you see some wild, crazy Jags fan, it might just be Mr. Chris himself. He will update BCC soon, and might give details as to where he's sitting. If you see him, say hi (and maybe protect him from some of the more aggressive Colts fans).

Since the team is finally starting to get reasonably healthy, as always let's have a good, clean game with no injuries. Go Colts!