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Recap Week Sixteen: Colts 38-Texans 15

There are a few reasons why this win was one of the most satisfying for the 2007 season.

  • The Colts had absolutely nothing to play for. Yet, they came out and played great team football, dominating a very talented Texans team. Effort, execution, and great fundamental football define this Colts club.
  • The defense dominated despite a patchwork d-line that did not play Josh Thomas (illness), who is playing because Dwight Freeney needs a new foot. So, a back-up of a back-up was playing, and the Colts defense still played well.
Make no mistake, the Houston Texans wanted to win this game badly even though they too had nothing to play for. The RCA Dome is a house of horrors for the Texans. They had never won there. They had never LED in a game there (until Sunday). However, when Sunday ended, the Texans will remain winless in the RCA Dome for all time: 0-6.

Master R Wayne and I attended the game, and after that first Texans' drive, which culminated in a TD pass from Sage Rosenfels, we decided to hit the beer stand early. Beer was the only thing that could get us through this potential disaster. Fortunately, the Colts defense decided to show up after getting whacked on the first drive. By halftime, the score was 24-7 and Peyton Manning and the offense looked like the unit that Texans fans have grown to hate. Manning dissected Houston's defense, and was not flustered or rushed in the pocket. Mario Williams managed a coverage sack, but that aside the Houston defense never sniffed Manning. At the 10:05 mark, the crowd was busting out the wave.

Yes folks: The wave.

At 38-7, after scoring 38 unanswered points and picking off Rosenfels 3 times, the crowd cheered as the immortal Jim Sorgi entered the game. Master R and I stayed until the end, knowing this was likely the last time we would see a game in the RCA Dome. I took a moment to admire the banners in the rafters: The 1995 AFC Playoffs banner, the 1999 AFC East banner, the 2003 AFC South banner, and the 2006 World Championship banner. After the game, we exited the dome and took a gander at Lucas Oil Stadium, which is almost done. The Lube is shaping into a beautiful stadium. Wind and snow pelted us, and we walked with others fans, laughing and singing to our cars.

As always, the great bloggers for Battle Red Blog have an excellent write-up from a Texans fan's POV. I wasn't able to put up a great Q & A Tim and I did prior to the game. My apologies to Tim. The Texans still have a shot at .500 next week, which would be the first non-losing season in Texans history. Again, each year, the Texans get better. Beating them now is not easy, regardless of the final score.

13-2, and a chance to sweep the AFC South: The toughest division in football. Thanks to all who attended the meet-and-greet Thursday. Go Colts!