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Sorgi time!

It's the last week of the regular season. The Colts have locked up their playoff seeding, their first round bye, and are, in all likelihood, looking to get through at least one game this season without any injuries. So, for this Sunday night's contest with the Tennessee Titans coming up, expect to see a lot of the man, the myth, the legend from Fraser, Michigan that is James "Jim" Sorgi.

Of course, this is a serious blow to Browns fans, but that is about a 2 or 3 on the I give a f*&k meter for Colts fans. Personally, I'd like to see Cleveland make the playoffs. They've played well all year, and Derek Anderson is simply a better QB than the fraud in Tennessee known as Vince Young. But, Cleveland should have controlled their own destiny last week. Losing to the Bengals is something that should automatically eliminate you from the playoffs. Last year, the Colts had to face those stripped kitties in the dome in December after surrendering 300 yards rushing to the Jags the week before.

Indy blasted Cincy, stuffing their run and making Carson Palmer run like Andy Reid to an open buffet.

Point is Cleveland should have won last week. The Colts have no obligation to Browns fans. They do, however, have an obligation to us. And we all do not want the Titans to get their first RCA Dome win in 5 years. I would very much like it if the RCA Dome did it's normal beatdown of the Titans, sending Vince young to the locker room early after yet another lackluster game on his part.

But, that's just me.