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Bob Sanders, future 2007 NFL DPOY, signs big extension with Colts

ESPN is reporting the Colts have signed S Bob Sanders to a 5 year, $37.5 million deal. Colts fans can expect to see hard hits and big turnovers from their secondary for a few more years. More importantly, it settles a big off-season concern. And even MORE importantly, Polian got this deal done before Bob wins the DPOY, which would have jacked the price up more.

We get the Bob Sanders Beatdown Defense for five more years folks! Now Bob can focus on kicking the snot out of teams in the playoffs.

Update [2007-12-28 16:21:2 by BigBlueShoe]: The most immediate question after looking at the numbers: Is Sanders worth it? Yes, he is. Maybe even more than Freeney, who some morons have questioned might not have been worth his payday. The reality here is the Colts have their two best defensive players (and arguably the two best defensive players in this entire league) locked up long term. Since Polian has such a tremendous track record with cap adjustment, Bob's bonus and cap hit is likely not to hurt the team. It might force the Colts to part ways with Booger McFarland in the off-season though. Who knows? Who cares? Bob is a Colt for a while, and that is big time news!

DoTheMathis98 also has a diary about Bob's record deal.