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Manning's records are safe, Randy Moss needs to update his website, and more outrageous stuff

I've had a lot on my mind since Christmas. So, here goes:

  • Manning's great 2004 regular season is safe thanks to Tom Brady pathetically trying to force the ball to Randy Moss last week against the Dolphins. Brady is "stuck" on 48 TDs. Manning scored 49 in 15 games, and played only one series against Denver in Week Seventeen in 2004 because a) He's classy and doesn't pad stats, and b) The game was meaningless. So, regardless of what Brady does Saturday against the Giants, it is simply not as good as Manning's 2004 season.
  • And before trolling Pats fans start vomiting on themselves like that dude in Clerks 2 after he finds out Sam and Frodo are gay, I'm not sneezing at Tom Brady's 48 TDs. It's phenomenal. It's amazing. It's nothing unexpected (in my mind) from Brady. But, as with all things, Brady juuuuuuuuuuuust isn't as good as Manning. Even if Brady scores a 158.3 ratings against the G Men tomorrow, he will not break Manning's single season QB rating of 121.1.
  • Darrell Reid was voted AFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his efforts against the Texans. Darrell is a stud, folks. He played DE in the game against Houston, and he was all out on kick coverage. He's also a 280 pound DT. Like I said: Stud. This does not redeem Russ Purnell, who is still the worst ST coach in football.
  • Dolphins made a great move hiring Parcells as a front office man. His firing of Cam Cameron should be a public event, complete with band, parade, and maybe even a trophy presentation: Most Obvious Firing for the 2007 NFL Season Award.
  • I wish Tom Brady would just be more honest about the fact that he wants Manning's TD record. He threw a TD from the one yard line, folks. The one! Against Miami! Who couldn't stop Judy Dench if she tried to punch it in from the one! It's pathetic how Brady keeps talking about how it doesn't mean anything and that he just wants to win. I have no problem with Tommy Terrific getting Manning's record (mainly because it's pointless now that he didn't get it in 15 games), but just be more honest about it, Tom.
  • Jimmy at MCM expects Vince Young and the Titans to drop 24-28 points on the Colts.
  • Newsflash: Vince Young still stinks. The boys at 18 to 88 put his "improved" 2007 season into perspective:
    So, why was he praised this last year, and seen as a bust this year? In fact, the only number to have regressed for Young is his TD to INT ratio which has dropped from 12:13 to 9:17. The big reason the media is down on him now is that his rushing numbers have dropped from 6.7 YPC and 7 TDs to 4.2 and 3 (just today, a 'scout' declared he must run the ball effectively for the Titans to win). This is due in part to the quad injury he sustained earlier in the season, but it is also interesting to note that in the Titans losses, Young ran at nearly the same YPC as he did last year. That is to say on average, Young rushing isn't affecting the Titans wins and losses.

    Last year he was Rookie of the Year and a Pro Bowler. This year, he's crap.  The numbers tell us that he's better now than he was then, but no one seems to care. All because he isn't running around so much. The truth about the Titans is that Vince Young distracts us from the real factor in determining if they will win or lose, the defense.  VY did improve his passing numbers over last season. He still isn't much more than an utterly average NFL QB, but he is listing in the right direction.

  • Peyton has a chance to get 4,000 this Sunday night. Reggie has a chance at 100 catches for the season. Sorgi has a chance to do something other than pick his ass and hold a clipboard.
  • Despite injuries, new players, and lots and lots of cookiness this season, Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne have quietly had the two best seasons of their careers. Take away that bizarro SD game (which featured 6 Manning INTs and a pair of TDs given up by Colts "special" teams), and Manning is right where he was last year, and the year before that. This without Marvin most of the year. Amazing.
  • And finally, Randy Moss thinks the Colts are cheaters. I'm sure the Colts feel utterly shamed when a guy who runs over cops with his car and alienates teammates with selfishness endorses a fabricated news story by a Boston-area cameraman discredited by the NFL and just about every other human being living in America and not Bobkraftistan. Speaking of cheating, notably absent from Randy's website is news of Rodney Harrison cheating with HGH and Bill Belichick channeling his inner Frederico Fellini. Better hope you don't see Indy in late January, Randy. This kind of crap can come back to bite you in the form of Bob Sanders knocking you into free agency earlier than you anticipated.