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Yet another schmuck Patriot ball licker gets prime time love

The dork pictured above is Tom Curran, the Patriots beat writer for The Providence Journal and sometime NBC employee. Listening to him talk makes fingers down a chalkboard sound like warm ocean waves lapping up on a beach shore. And speaking of lapping up, Tom loves to swallow the Pats while, at the same time, takes unprofessional shots at the Colts.

Basically, he says the Colts are "questioning the integrity of the game" by resting starters this week against the Titans, and that doing so is worse than Patriots coach Bill Belichick getting caught for cheating against the Jets earlier this season. He also claims the Colts "lucked" into winning the Super Bowl last season.


Again folks, this is the "mainstream" media reporting about our team, not some crazy blogger yelling into his web cam. Tom Curran works for a well-known newspaper and uses airtime on NBC's website to bash Tony Dungy, question the integrity of the Colts, and all the while making excuses for the Patriots. Nice objectivity, Tom. I guess it is only appropriate that a toilet wipe commercial opens your weekly picks segment. Schmuck.