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Aaron Schatz takes a schatz on Brady's 2007 season

Fox Sports Adam Schatz puts Brady's stat-padding 2007 season in perspective:

It' hard to compare Brady's season to what [Bert] Jones did in 1976 without all the fancy normalizing math from the book, but let's compare Brady's 2007 season to Manning's 2004 season. Manning had 49 touchdowns with just 497 pass attempts. If we assume Brady plays next week like he has the last few games, he'll end up with something like 51 touchdowns in 570 pass attempts. Yes, that gives him more touchdowns, but it isn't as impressive when it takes him 73 more pass attempts to score them.

In addition, Brady has now dropped to 8.3 average yards per attempt. In his record-setting season, Manning averaged 9.2 yards per attempt. That's a huge difference.

Brady has been straining so hard to set records in conventional stats that his season now looks worse in the eyes of advanced stats.

Michael David Smith is also talking about this over at Fanhouse (tip to shake n bake). Smith is traditionally an idiot, but he makes some good points as well. Bottom line: As great as Brady's 2007 season is, it does not measure up to Peyton Manning's 2004 season. And like many of us, Schatz and Smith have noted Brady's pathetic attempts to pad his stats rather than play to win football games. Can you imagine if Manning had played this way in 2004? He'd have scored 55-60 TDs, easy. The one benefit of all the Brady love is it has placed Manning's 2004 into it's proper context: It was the best season ever for a QB, and even with a Randy Moss-led offense that passes ALL THE TIME, no one can touch what Manning did.