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Stampede Blue Tailgate

So I talked to BBS last night and it looks like we are going to throw a Stampede Blue tail gate on 12/23 for the Houston Texans game. BBS and I will be attending so we figured that it might be a good idea to grab a grill, some food and some beer (Mmm beer is good) and get all of us together to party down in some cold mid-west parking lot in the shadow of the new Lucas Oil Stadium. Shoe and I are going to be making some Stampede Blue T-shirts to hand out to everyone that stops by and parties with us. If you are interested sign your name here!

Oh and Shoe and I can take care of most of the supplies, including all of the food and beer, but does anyone have a small portable space heater? Last time I tailgated in December someone spilled a beer on my pants and I froze for the next few hours.