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Vic Ketchman, Jaguars senior editor, likes kiddie porn

Like Vic Ketchman, who states without apology or proof that the Colts pipe in crowd noise, I too can just spout what I want expect people to take it seriously: Vic Ketchman, senior editor over at, likes kiddie porn.

I heard about this from a friend who met a guy in a bar who knows this college girl with one leg in Miami who dated this Navy guy based in Tampa whose got a brother in Jacksonville who, like Ketchman, cleans toilets on the weekends at a local YMCA, and he said he caught Vic in the john with a few kiddie porno mags. Oh, and Vic was also deals crack to kids, robbing old ladies, and rapes pregnant mothers.

See how easy it is to just state stuff without having any proof? Fun, isn't it? Maybe the Jaguars could hire me as an on-line "senior editor." Apparently, all you need to get hired by the Jags is a very active imagination, and not a basic understanding of professional football.

I'm not elaborating on Ketchman's laughable post game thoughts (What "edge" did they return with Vic? They lost the game!), Paul Spicer's insult to Bill Polian, or even Del Rio blaming the refs (again) for his team's undisciplined and unfocused play against the defending World Champions. The comments from those idiots speak for themselves. The Jags are a whiny organization. Always have been. It's been over 10 years since they won a playoff game, and the Colts own a 12-3 record against them.

That's really all that needs to be said on that. Oh, and Vic Ketchman likes kiddie porn.

Update [2007-12-3 20:26:30 by BigBlueShoe]: We bash the Jags for their whining, but I'll say this: You don't see that kind of stuff from Chris at BCC. No whining. No finger pointing. Even after complaining about some calls in the game, Chris ends his post with this:

I'm officially "moving on" from blaming the officials. I encourage you to do the same!
I personally disagree with the meat of Chris' post. Utecht did not have control of the ball going down, according to the rules. And that incompletion wasn't what lost the game for the Jags. Their coach and their undisciplined play did that. But regardless, Chris doesn't make excuses and does what any good fan should: Suck up the loss, give the winner credit, and move on to KC.