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Early games- Open Thread

Lots of playoff intrigue with many of the early games: Will Cleveland win, making tonight's flexed game a must for the Titans? Will Pittsburgh grab the 3rd seed with Roethlisberger sitting? Will San Diego get the 3rd seed? If they do, it would be a re-match between SD and Tennessee from a few weeks ago.

Oh, and be prepared for all the "Perfect Pats" talk today. Again, according to Chris Collinsworth last night, the 2007 Patriots are the greatest team in the history of football. Amazing how Chris always makes statements prematurely regarding the Pats. I suggest you retain and remember Chris' statement last night folks. I know I will.

This is an open thread. Enjoy.

[Update [2007-12-30 11:18:8 by BigBlueShoe]: Thought this was funny regarding last night's game:

We're just moments away from the kickoff of Patriots-Giants, the most meaningful meaningless game in NFL history. And since we're so close, there probably isn't time for Patriots coach Bill Belichick to put anything new on the bulletin board.

But if there were time, he'd probably try this: ESPN reported this evening that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning called his brother, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, to give him the simple message that the Patriots are beatable.

Of course, that's not exactly a shocking comment. What's Peyton supposed to say? "Hey, Eli, just so you know, you have no chance"? But it is a comment that you can bet Belichick will mention to his players in three weeks, assuming the seemingly inevitable Patriots-Colts AFC Championship game does, in fact, take place.

Fine. If Cheatin' Bill wants to use something like that to motivate his team, go head. If the Colts used such pettiness to motivate their team, there is literally a Santa sack full of disrespect from the Pats, especially here and here. But whatever, the Colts don't do that. If these two teams should meet, the Colts will likely realize HOLY CRAP, IT'S THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. And such childishness "motivation" is moot when you're in that kind of a game. Again, that's still a big "if" for the Colts and Pats to meet again, but if they do look for Indy to do what it does: Win with class.