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Colts lose 16-10

To all fans of the Cleveland Browns: We're sorry. We're sorry our back-up QB sucks. We're sorry our 4th string WR can't catch a pass on 4th down despite being open. But, most of all, we're sorry we injured Vince Young in the third quarter; because if Vince had played the reminder of the game, the Titans would have lost.

Seriously, Indy injuring Vince Young saved Tennessee's season. Titans fans and U. of Texas fans can continue drinking the Kool-Aid, but what we all saw to tonight was the same crappy "QB" we're used to seeing in Tennessee. It is painfully, pathetically, overwhelmingly obvious that Kerry Collins is better than Vince Young. Take away the Titans opening drive (which was a fluke if you look at the whole game), and Vince did next to nothing for Tennessee despite playing Indy's 3rd and 4th string defense. Vince's pouting on the sidelines, as reported by scary-looking Andrea Kramer, sums up Vince's early NFL career; a pampered idiot handed everything in college and not hacking it in the pros, where they actually make you WORK for a living.

Meanwhile, Collins did what all competent NFL QB need to do: He threw the ball accurately from the pocket, and was great on the out routes on third down.

It's annoying that Tennessee gets their first win in the RCA Dome in five years, but they did so against back-ups who played a helluva lot harder than Tennessee's starters. So again, sorry Cleveland fans. Our 3rd stringers almost gave you a playoff spot, but take solace in the fact that Tennessee should get dominated by the Chargers next week.

As always, Jimmy at MCM will disagree with me (and likely sound more intelligent in doing so), but that's cool. He and the fans at MCM are just happy to be in. The AFC South has three teams in the playoffs and no team under .500. Indeed, the best division in football.

Colts now get a week off, and for the first time in over a month we will see a real, genuine, HEALTHY Colts team. The playoffs are coming, and the NFL better get ready for the team in Indy. Go Colts!