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The podcast is dead. Long live the podcast!

I'm excited to announce that I'm co-hosting an all-NFL themed podcast with TheSportsGuru called SB Nation NFL Frenzy. From HGH to YAC, Guru and Blue will cover it all. And, unlike Kordell Stewart in the 1995 AFC Championship Game, nothing is out-of-bounds.

Guru and I will talk all things NFL-related, interview guests, and answer questions from listeners. The live call-in number is 800-390-3711. There is also a live chat feature.

Our new home for this show is TPS Radio, a podcast driven network that is more focused on sports. We don't have fancy logo or cool graphics yet, but Guru and I really like the show features they offer. Also, other SB Nation bloggers (like Brian G) already have shows there. You can listen live, or subscribe to the show via ITunes and listen whenever you want. I plan to talk a lot about the Colts, which is something I specifically avoided doing on the SBNSR.

Please join us tonight at 9pm Eastern for our first show!