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Brian Billick gay for Rodney Harrison?

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  • I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw this I was laughing so hard.
  • Don Banks at SI needs a history lesson:
    The Colts of two seasons ago had their own struggles dealing with the possibility of perfection. Tony Dungy and his players never got a handle on how to think of their potential date with destiny, getting caught up in the issue of when, and how much, to rest the starters for the playoffs, and sending conflicting signals over the significance of going undefeated. After the Chargers beat them at home in Week 15, the Colts seemed drained and unable to recover the aura of invincibility that had been theirs in the season's first 13 games.

    Indianapolis, of course, hadn't won a Super Bowl at that point, and protecting the viability of that quest meant everything for Dungy and the rest of the organization. The perfect-season talk wound up being a distraction of sorts for the Colts, and focusing on it served only to siphon away energy that could have been used toward the goal of winning that elusive championship.

    No Don. What siphoned away a lot of energy from the Colts in late 2005 wasn't all the stupid "undefeated" crap. It was the death of Tony Dungy's son, James. 18-year-old kids dying of suicide have a way of draining people's will more so than talk by sports writers of an potential undefeated season. And, in any case, prior to the San Diego game and the death of James Dungy, the Colts made the decision to rest injured players (like Cato June and Corey Simon) rather than try and win meaningless games. Sports writers like Banks didn't like that decision, because it was boring. This decision didn't factor into Indy losing to Pittsburgh, despite what some say. Yes, Dungy and the team were drained by the playoffs. Death has a way of doing that. See the Redskins. The reason the Colts lost to the Steelers is because Pittsburgh was, quite simply, the best team in football in 2005. We just didn't know it until Super Bowl 40. Undefeated or not, Indy was not as good as the Steelers in 2005. Simple as that.
  • Tony Dungy talked with Bob Costas on his HBO Show about Bill Belichick:
    When you said prior to the game that you thought that the Spygate thing was a black mark for the league, I think you said, more so than for Belichick or the Patriots, did you hear from him, either directly or indirectly?
    "I did not. But what I meant was you had so many people looking at this team and this organization. They've won three Super Bowls. We're talking about them as maybe the best team ever. This is the, they're the franchise in the NFL. And to have something like that happen, it just lets people say, `Oh, you know, this is how you win.' Or, `This is okay, as long as you win.' And I didn't think it was good for the NFL. In my opinion, a tough day for the NFL, and something you just wish didn't happen."

    Do you think he resented that, and carries that resentment forward?
    "I don't know. I hope not. And I hope there's no one out there that would think it was a good thing, or an okay thing. It was very unfortunate."

    Look for Patriots fans everywhere to use this as fodder because Pats fans look for ANYTHING that sounds like disrespect. Dungy's words are accurate and reflect what most fans felt about Belichick's cheating. If Pats fans don't like that, and see it as disrespect, then fine. No one really cares what they think anyway save those of us (me! me! me!) that take amusement in listening to them whine and complain about anything.
  • David J. Warner seems to suggest the Colts don't need Marvin Harrison in order to repeat as World Champions. Big B. Shoe seems to suggest that David J. Warner should get his Big F. Head examined for making such a silly suggestion.
  • 18 to 88 illustrates that throwing 49 TDs ain't such an easy thing, and Tom Brady breaking Manning's TD record is not guaranteed.
  • Chris at BCC has a great write-up on the game this past Sunday.