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Before discussing Baltimore, I get to toot my own horn

Last week, I gave people the opportunity to kick me in the nuts for each of the statements I made that ended up being wrong. Now, I get to toot my own horn about the things I was spot on about despite what was popular or acceptable at the time. Like Bill Polian, I always believe in doing what is right, not what is popular. It's why you'll never see me writing for ESPN's Page Two, or why Chris Collinsworth hasn't phoned me to do his NBC's Sunday Night Blogger thing. My repeated statements that ESPN is a garbage network and Collinsworth is a total buffoon who has no business commenting on pro football have probably burned that bridge.

I often get bashed and targeted here for saying things that others simply don't want to hear, and I learned a long time ago that if someone starts insulting you and your ideas, more often than not you've got that person by the nut sack. Here are some of those CRAZY thoughts I had, which turned out to be dead on:

  • Reggie Bush stinks. He had no business being the first overall pick in 2006. He had no business being the second overall pick. In fact, of the five running backs taken in the first round, Bush is the worst of the bunch. Joseph Addai and Maurice Jones-Drew (picked 30th and 60th respectively) are light years ahead of Bush. The reason being that, unlike bush, those two guys actually had to work at what they do. Bush was handed everything before he put on a Saints uniform. Now, his team, coaches, and the New Orleans fans hate his guts:
    Again, forget the box scores. Instead, pay attention to the myriad of dropped passes, most of which are screens or short dump-offs that anyone with his athletic ability (or mine, for that matter) should be able to catch. Or how about the fumbles - eight this year. Or how about the punt that bounced right off his face against Jacksonville, which the Saints were lucky enough to recover at a crucial point. Or what about the handful of times Bush has just slipped and fallen or, worse yet, purposely hit the ground early to avoid contact.

    These are the signs not of a player who isn't good enough, but a player who doesn't care to be good enough. And it's doing damage to the chemistry that carried the Saints so far last year. In the last couple of weeks, the frustration with Bush from his teammates has been on display. Perhaps none have hassled Bush more lately than Brees, who has been caught on camera screaming angrily at Bush after unnecessary drops and demonstrating with his hands in a condescending fashion how to catch a football.

    The media isn't pleased either, and they've made it known increasingly lately - when he gets pissy, Bush refuses to answer questions post-game, especially if the questions are about something he did to cost the team the game. This lack of accountability when other Saints are acting like professionals is maddening to everyone - the media, his teammates, and the fans (who are split on the matter, though the anti-Bush sentiment is growing).

    Imagine that? Players being held accountable by fans. What a novel concept. When I bashed Reggie Bush last year, I took quite a lot of heat for it. Look who turned out to be right.
  • Vince Young is not an NFL caliber QB. Remember Peter Bean and his Longhorns faithful coming in here an bashing us for daring to say Vince Young stinks? Hilarious, wasn't it. And, per usual, Peter was wrong; lost and star-struck by Vince's college career. However, what Peter always fails to understand is college football is an inferior game to the NFL. Boys play college football, with their QB options and slow as hell DBs and coaches who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Men play pro football. And pro football requires the QB to throw the ball accurately from the pocket. If you can't do that, you're garbage. That simple. Titans fans and Longhorns drones defied that rule, and they were wrong. Shocking, I know.

    Now, you have Tennessee fans openly questioning where Vince is their franchise QB. It's called accountability, and it's a good thing folks. If you are good, fans should love you. If you suck, they should boo. That simple. Fans have a responsibility to hold their players to a high standard, not to make excuses for them. QB development these days should take no longer than three years. If you don't see dramatic improvement by the QB in his second year, odds are he's garbage. Vince Young is known as a lazy player with bad practice and workout habits. That is a dead giveaway that he would be a sucky NFL QB.

    All I heard for weeks was "Vince is a winner," but in recent weeks we've seen that Albert Haynesworth is the real reason Tennessee wins. Meanwhile, Vince Young continues to fumble the football and throw interceptions. Real winner, that Vince Young.

  • The Texans were right to draft Mario Williams #1 overall in 2006, and anyone who disagreed with that decision was wrong. That simple. Mario Williams has 8.5 sacks this season, and is playing very well for a Houston team riddled with injuries. Remember when ESPN hacks like Sean Salisbury criticized Houston's decision, saying Williams had to be like Julius Peppers in order to justify the pick? Ok, in his first two years in the league, Peppers had 19 sacks and 79 total tackles. Williams in two years has 13 sacks and 87 total tackles. Yet, you don't see Williams get nearly the kind of attention Bush or Vince Young get, and both are inferior players to Williams. And not a peep from Sean.
So, the moral of the story: Most people who think they know what they are talking about don't. Players hyped by media (Vince and Bush) still need to prove themselves on the field. More often than not, the supposedly "trained" media doesn't know wtf it's talking about, and it's afraid of us scary bloggers holding the players accountable because those same media invest their marketing money in those players.