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Marvin and Gonzo get some love... from the press

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  • Despite missing seven games and being his usual elusive self, Marvin Harrison still gets some love from the press, in particular Yahoo Sports (fast becoming my favorite on-line sports source):
    During Colt practices, Harrison is adamant about being the first player in every drill line.

    He wears gloves in games, but not during practice. Gloves are sticky and help him catch the ball -- an added luxury he wants no part of while preparing for Sundays.

    When game time comes, Harrison is ready.

    "I know that I'm not going to take a play off," Harrison told the Post. "So for them (defenders), they got to be ready to play 60 snaps, every single time. And not only be ready to play 60 snaps, but I'm going to run every route just as hard, and I'm going to try to make them look all the same."

    This is why Marvin is the greatest, second only to Jerry Rice. Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Steve Smith are inferior players to Harrison. The only other receivers I'd consider in Harrison's class are Hines Ward and Torry Holt. But don't take my word for it. Take the what the rest of the NFL says.
  • Speaking of Marvin, he practiced yesterday. I doubt we will see him against Baltimore, but the fact that he's practicing is encouraging. Likely, Marvin is out until the last game of the regular season, or the playoffs.
  • Raheem Brock is likely out until the playoffs as well with what seems to be a broken rib. IMO, Brock's absence was a big reason why Jacksonville ran all over Indy. This likely means the d-line will rotate differently moving forward. We'll see more of Quinn Pitcock (who also was injured against the Jags) and Keyunta Dawson. Both are rookies. Gee, you think the 2007 draft class was Polian's best?
  • USA Today focuses on Gonzo.
  • Colts placed OT Dan Federkeil on IR and signed LBer Brandon Archer. Archer was at Colts Training Camp, and is good on special teams.
  • Rexx, head blogger over at Baltimore Beatdown, has some interesting thoughts on the NFL.