Simmons posted my comment!

I freely admit that I love Bill Simmons. I think he's hilarious, even if he is a ridiculous homer. Well, this week he finally posted one of my comments in his column. Here it is:

Steelers (+10.5) over PATRIOTS
Adam from Indy writes, "Congrats! You and the rest of New England are rooting for the '04 and '05 Colts: record-breaking offense, iffy defense and no running game. The Colts, on the other hand, have had some tough losses, a great running game, a physical defense and they're completely out of the spotlight. Sound familiar?"

(Um ... yes ... yes, it does ...)

Simmons pretty much just acknowledged the Colts as the 04 Pats and 05 Steelers. Sometimes, I'm so good, I'm scary.

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