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Colts win 44-20

This was a laugher from the beginning, and a fitting beatdown to a classless organization like the Baltimore Ravens. No disrespect to Rexx at Baltimore Beatdown, because he does a great job covering his team, but Billick and the Ravens just deserve smackdowns like this. Did you see their classless scoreboard which reads Indy 44-Ravens 20? They simply refuse to call the Colts the Indianapolis Colts.

Dear Baltimore, get. over. it. already.

NBC should take note because no one except dumb ass loser Baltimore fans cares about the 1984 move. That silly sports writer interviewed in 1984 calling Irsay's move a "sin" was hilarious! It's a sports team, you idiot. Sports teams move. Just ask Cleveland fans. I wonder if said Baltimore sport writing idiot called Modell's move from Cleveland a "sin?"

In short, the Colts dominated the Ravens (again) from start to finish. Peyton Manning was phenomenal and Gonzo got his first NFL TD! Great game by the rookie. With Pittsburgh playing horribly in New England, the Colts are in the driver's seat to lock up the #2 seed in the AFC. Not bad for a team left for dead.

Full recap later. 11-2 and not even peaking. Go Indianapolis Colts!