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Early Games Open Thread

The Colts don't play until this evening, but some very interesting games are slotted for later this afternoon. SD and Tennessee are at 1pm, and Pittsburgh visits New England at 4:15pm. This is an open thread for those and many other games.

There are also some article that came out recently that discuss the Colts, in general. I guess this is  part of the fallout from beating Jacksonville. Apparently, when you are 10-2 and you are the defending Super Bowl Champions, it kind of makes it hard to ignore you (unless you're ESPN, who will ignore anything and everything if it doesn't fit their narrative.)

  • Good article from Fort Wayne about how the Colts have adjusted their style in order to win despite injuries.
    New England and Pittsburgh remain trendy picks, which is strange since the Steelers have lost three times and, upon recent review, Indianapolis won the last Super Bowl.

    But the so-called experts seemed to have readjusted their expectations of the Colts (10-2) in the face of their medical status.

    The Colts did some readjusting of their own. They focused on winning efficiently instead of winning pretty. They swallowed their pride and scrapped their usual methods, even though it meant they'd play some ugly games, because they knew the long run was more important than vanity.

    That's why the ball was going to unheard-of running back Luke Lawton when a huge touchdown was needed against the Jaguars, why defensive end Robert Mathis was taken out of his comfort zone and put on the right side, why the Colts rarely sent the ball into an unsafe zone.

  • Pro Football Weekly has an article about the evolution of Peyton Manning.
    In a dabble of irony, when you ask people around the league about Manning, known especially for his intellect, the first topic most want to talk about is how much stronger he is than earlier in his career. Evidence lies in pictures, in the way he sheds oncoming pass rushers.

    He throws the ball better than he did the previous year. He takes a perceived weakness and grinds it down to where it can't be used against him, usually transforming it into a strength.

    "One of his detriments was that he couldn't throw while running," Simms says. "Now he's borderline very good at it. ... His footwork is the best in the NFL. People say he's not very athletic, well, I don't know about that. His footwork is tremendous in the pocket. He can reset and get in position to throw the ball faster than anyone in the league."

  • Should Tebo have won the Heisman?
  • Shockingly, Jacksonville DE Paul Spicer was fined for acting like a whiny bitch after his team got beat by the Colts.
  • LOL. Dennis Green plans to trademark is famous rant following the Cardinals losing to the Bears on MNF last year.
Enjoy the early games. Colts open thread up later this evening. Seriously, who is rooting for Pittsburgh and who is rooting for NE?