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Gearing up for The Game

  • The NFL named the referees for The Super Bowl. The head official is Tony Corrente. Thx to Playoff Pride for posting this news in the diaries.
  • Rain is expected in Miami for the game. Big deal. We've seen the Colts beat teams in the rain, in the snow, and sometimes in both at the same time.
  • Kissing Suzy Kolber does not like the city of Indianapolis. Then again, if I were from southwestern Ohio (like Monday Morning Punter over at KSK is), I'd be a dumbass too.
  • In a pathetic attempt to have MasterRWayne's Purdue bashing entry link to the Super Bowl at hand, Ron Meeks stated recently that Gilbert Gardner really sucks. And no, it's not because he went to Purdue.
  • The game is three days away. Can you feel it?

Disclaimer: No, not everyone from southwestern Ohio is a dumbass. However, if you are from that region of America, it makes abolsutely no sense for you to insult, berate, or demean Indianapolis because there ain't nothin in southwestern Ohio either. In fact, no one from Ohio should bash anyone from Indiana. Ever. Monday Morning Punter is a chronic Indianapolis and Peyton Manning basher, and he needs someone to slam a shovel into his face. It might improve his disposition, and his looks.