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Marty Balled!

One whole month after losing to the New England Patriots in the playoffs, Marty Schottenheimer got slammed in the balls by the San Diego Chargers, and booted out the door. Props to Marked Hoosier for posting the news in the diaries.

Folks, the Chargers offer all of us a course on how not to run your franchise. Basically, Schottenheimer was fired because he didn't get along with General Manager A.J. Smith. That, coupled with the fact that San Diego lost three of their top assistant coaches (Cam Cameron, Greg Manursky, and Wade Phillips) to other teams sealed Schottenheimer's fate. Management thought that without those coaches working under him, Schottenheimer was nothing. Thus, they kicked him to the curb.

Um, huh?

If they thought so little of him, why didn't they just fire him after the New England game and promote one of the assistants? Now, eight days before the NFL Combine and a month before free agency, the Chargers have no coaching staff.

Wow. San Diego sucks big time.

So, after all our discussions focusing on the Cowboys job, it looks like guys like minority coaches Jim Caldwell and Ron Rivera will get another chance to be a head coach this year, right?


The big rumor is Pete Carroll, the man who drove the Patriots into the ground in the late-1990s, is being wooed to replace Schottenheimer. Amazing. Scottenheimer was 47-33 with San Diego in five seasons, with two AFC West titles and two playoff appearances.