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Colts Free Agents: 2007

Rocky Boiman LB UFA  
Jason David DB RFA  
Gilbert Gardner LB RFA  
Nick Harper DB UFA  
Cato June LB UFA  
Freddy Keiaho LB ERFA  
Dan Klecko DT UFA  
Ryan Lilja OG RFA  
Aaron Moorehead WR UFA  
Rob Morris LB UFA  
James Mungro RB UFA  
Dominic Rhodes RB UFA  
Bo Schobel DE RFA  
Jake Scott OG RFA  
Jim Sorgi QB RFA  
Josh Thomas DE RFA  
Ben Utecht TE  RFA  
Terrence Wilkins WR UFA
Mike Doss SS UFA

Guys like Boiman, Schobel, Moorehead, and Doss are gone. Gilbert Gardner might get kicked to the curb as well. The Colts will most likely offer qualifying offers to restricted free agents like Jason David, Ryan Lilja, Jim Sorgi, and Josh Thomas.

The key guys I want them to re-sign are Dan Klecko, Terrence Wilkins, Cato June, Rob Morris, and Nick Harper. Harper is really the key. He has played outstanding fotball these last two years. He's 32 though, and Marlin Jackson is waiting in the wings. So is Kelvin Hayden. Dan Klecko is also key in that he is a solid back-up DT and a very good fullback. He can also catch the football!

The big free agent they will most likely let go is Dom Rhodes. Mungro is probably gone as well. This leaves Addai, Dorsey, and Champman on the roster. You'll notice Dwight Freeney isn't included here. It's because he isn't going anywhere. The Colts will sign or franchise him.

The Colts added a bunch of guys yesterday who were either in training camp last year, the practice squad, or just general roster filler. Makes you wonder if the Colts will draft another RB this year, or if they will go linebacker if they let both June and Morris walk.