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Please give a big welcome to Indy Cornrows, our SB Nation blog for your Indiana Pacers

Welcome Indy Cornrows
I am very excited and very pleased to welcome Indy Cornrows to SB Nation. Indy Cornrows is our newest blog, and they will cover our beloved (and often beleagured) Indiana Pacers.

I love the name of the blog and its logo. The Pacers haven't exactly fallen on hard times recently. They've made the playoffs every year since 1996, I believe. However, because of the success of the Colts and the lingering after effects of Ron Artest and The Brawl, the Pacers are not as much a part of Hoosier sports as they  once were. When I grew up, it was Reggie Miller and Pacers basketball 24/7. I lived for April and May, when the playoffs would come around and Reggie would assassinate the NY Knicks yet again.

Now, the Colts have caught Indy by storm, but after some recent trades, I think the Pacers are back on track. I'm very excited we have a fine blogger covering the Pacers now. Please stop over there and welcome Indy Cornrows to SB Nation.