Colts tagged Freeney...what this means

There was never a question about Dwight Freeney's return to the Colts for the 2007-2008 season. He was Bill Polian's top priority. Freeney will not go to a team like the Redskins, where Dan Snyder would throw large amounts of money at him. Suzy Kolber reported that Dwight was tagged by the Colts. If another team wants Freeney, it will cost them 2 first round draft picks unless the Colts match that team's offer. FOX Sports recently interviewed Dwight and he expressed that he did not want to be tagged. Most players don't. He has played hard and wants his pay day.

"For what I do I definitely don't like it," Freeney said, referring to the franchise label. "I'm not one of those guys, a kicker or quarterback or someone who gets protected every single play. I am going out there and throwing my body around sacrificing everything to help this team win. The franchise tag would hurt me because of how hard I play, for what I give to this team. I'm not just taking on one guy, I am taking on two, three guys at a time. I am getting banged up every week. And if you are franchised, it's kind of like, all right well, do you risk it? This is a business (and) you have to take care of yourself injury wise. What if, heaven forbid, it is a career-ending injury? You are talking a difference of $15 million dollars vs. whatever the franchise tag is as a base. It's just a tough situation for a guy like me."

This means that Bill Polian has some difficult decisions to make. If Polian dosen't sign Freeney to a long-term contract, then he will be a free-agent next season. If you thought this offseason was bad, next is not any easier. Bob Sanders and Dallas Clark are free-agents next season.

Cato June, Nick Harper, Jason David, and many other players are still waiting to be resigned. There just isn't enough money to go around, but that is what puts the NFL on a level playing field.

Now the NFL offseason is underway and there is always news to report.

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