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New SB Nation blogs: Buc'Em and Bloody Elbow

Welcome Buc'Em
About a year ago this time, I was bashing Malcolm Glazer. Now, SB Nation finally adds a blog to cover the team he owns: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Please welcome our newest football blog, Buc'Em. JScott is the main blogger over there. Hop over and welcome him. Then, bash his owner for firing one of the greatest coaches in the modern football era: Tony D.

Seriously, a big welcome to JScott and the Bucs fans at Buc'Em. I am so glad we finally have a TB blog.

SB Nation has also added a new Mixed Martial Arts blog called Bloody Elbow.

Welcome Bloody Elbow. Please don't hurt me.

This blog will team with our boxing blog, Bad Left Hook, to form a new Fighting category we now have on our SB Nation blog roll. I love the name, and you have to love a site that posts pictures like these right out of the gate:

Sweep the leg!

Stop over and say hi, but don't piss them off. They'll, like, kick your ass... and stuff.