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Five questions for Windy City Gridiron

WCG and I swapped wives... er, sorry, five questions with each other. WCG is the original SB Nation NFL blogger, and it is only fitting that his team make the Super Bowl in the first full year of SB Nation's existence. Here is the interview (and it is a bit tongue-and-cheek). Enjoy:

Big Blue Shoe: Ok, so we all know the Bears suck. I mean, everyone in the pre-season stated the Bears would not make the playoffs, that last year was just a fluke and that Lovie Smith was a joke of a coach. Despite all this, the Bears are in the Super Bowl, which just goes to show you how weak the NFC is. Seriously, doesn't this kind of thing warrant the NFL to divide it's league again, like the good old days before Namath's guarantee? Anyway, how do you explain the Bears making the Super Bowl? Is it some grand conspiracy by the NFL to keep Bears fans interested in the NFL since their team has sucked for the better half of 20 years? Is it a conspiracy like the backroom deal between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Archie Manning, where they agreed to rig the playoffs so Archie's son Peyton could make the Super Bowl? Is it a conspiracy like that?

WCG: What's up with the Mannings anyways?  It's like they are some kind of NFL royal family.  Archie is like Prince Charles, just woke up one morning and was a big deal.  Peyton is the anointed son.  He's the one that will be king, but after he dies some completely embarrassing story will come out like he went all brokeback with Tom  Brady.  (Don't lie, it isn't all that far fetched).  Poor  Eli is the one that will never live up to Daddy's expectations and will forever be in Big Bro's shadow.  He will dye his hair red, get a Mommy tattoo, get drunk, fall asleep in some scummy alley and  let some two cent hooker give him a Prince Albert just to get noticed.  

Big Blue Shoe: Just like Marvin Harrison can't produce big numbers in the post season, it seems Brian Urlacher chokes up in the playoffs like an over-sensitive woman watching re-runs of Providence on the Lifetime Channel. I mean, the guy is supposed to be the greatest defensive player since Jesus lined up at strong safety in a pick-up game between the disciples back in 28 AD. Why is he not averaging 45 tackles, 14 tackles, and 5 INTs a game? Is he overrated?

WCG: Urlacher IS the chosen one, but even Jesus can't win games when he has Moses as his QB.  Now he at least has Noah and Noah is good for parting defenses and throwing a good  long ball now and again.  The short answer for why is numbers aren't sky high is because the league is scared of him.  They shake at the mention of his name.  He will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.  When he raises his mighty sword he calls down the full power of Bill George, Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary.  Their spirits merge and he becomes some type of machine like Voltron or one of those Transformers sets that make a bigger stronger robot.  The league quakes and throws the ball somebody else's direction.

Big Blue Shoe: The guys at KSK call Rex Grossman "The Sex Cannon." Do they know something about Rex that we don't? Are they providing us with a little too much information about how they like to spend time with Rex when they all go out on a Saturday night?

WCG: I agree that the level of detail they go into can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable; although, never as much as the Tony Romo/Peter King affair. (My eyes still burn from reading that one), but everything is true.  Rex is The Sex Cannon, Peyton is The Dribbler, get used to it.  While Grossman is sowing his seeds of love across the country, Manning is watching game film, day dreaming of the day that he and Dallas Clark can share a slow two step to the soothing sounds of Tim McGraw.

Big Blue Shoe: Is it true what they say; that Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are black?

WCG: Wha....wai....wh....SAY WHAT?  They are black!!! Have you told anybody else this?  The media would go crazy if they got a hold of that news.  Seriously, you need to stop spreading these crazy conspiracy theories.  One day you are going to be on a list somewhere for being a potential threat to national security.  Seen any black helicopters recently?

Big Blue Shoe: Finally, this has been a long season for both of us. You were the first NFL blogger for SB Nation, and both of us have seen our sites grow since last year this time. In many ways, you set the standard for the rest of us in SB Nation. So, it is only fitting that your team make the Super Bowl, allowing you to set the standard for how we all should blog the Super Bowl. For any aspiring bloggers out there, especially any Packers fans who might want to blog, what advice to you have for them?

WCG: First, off to Packer fans, this wonderful thing that shows you slop porn is called a computer.  You create a web site and color it like it is your favorite John Deere tractor, then you talk about football.  It really isn't that hard.  Don't worry we have guys who will do the technical stuff for you, you just have to avoid making every post a love haiku to Favre.  

On a serious note,  I might be the grandfather site, but there are definitely those on this network who write better and know more about football than me, but I defy you to find anybody who is a bigger fan of their team than I am and in the end that is what makes this stuff work.  If you only half followed the Colts or football was just a hobby, your site would suck.  All of our's would.  As long as whoever we bring in is an ultimate homer who will allow for other opinions to exist, this will continue to be a very rewarding gig.

Many thanks to WCG for the interview. You can read me getting interviewed by WCG here.