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Welcome Big Blue View: SB Nation's NY Giants blog

Big Welcome to Big Blue View
The same year big brother Peyton gets a ring, little brother Eli gets his team blogged by SB Nation. Please give a BIG welcome to our newest blogger ETVal who will cover the New York Football Giants over at Big Blue View.

SB Nation now has the NFC East completely blogged to go along with the AFC South. The Giants are sort of my back-up team. I spend a lot of time in NYC, and I always liked the Giants and their uniforms. I loved Phil Simms, Harry Carson, and Mark Bavaro. I'm also an Eli Manning fan, and before he retired I always like Tiki Barber.

Never been a big fan of Plaxico Burress, Jeremy Shockey, or their coach Tom Coughlin. I'm surprised Coughlin kept his job.

Welcome to SB Nation Big Blue View. We all await the eventual Manning Bowl, when both brothers will match-up agaisnt each other in a Super Bowl.