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Corey Simon news, Freeney's demands, and more craziness from Da Bears

So what if it's Saturday. Football news never stops!

  • According to NFL Network, Dwight Freeney is asking for a five year deal worth $9 million a year and $30 million up front in signing bonus. Hehe. Sorry Dwight. Jesus isn't worth that much in an NFL uniform, especially if he's playing DE. Hope you like the franchise tag.
  • Thanks to bluegirl for posting this, but it seems Fatty McButterpants (aka Byron Leftwich) will indeed be the starting QB again for the Jaguars next season. And here I thought the Jags were going to get a real QB. I know Chris over at Big Cat Country disagrees. Sorry, but Leftwich has done nothing to distinguish himself over Garrard.
  • Corey Simon's doctor has communicated with Bill Polian. No news other than that. The doctor and Polian had been playing phone tag for weeks. Also, Montae Reagor's status for next year is up-in-the-air. He will probably not be ready for mini camp in May.
  • They are still talking about moving Marlin to safety. Why? Sanders and Bethea are entrenched there. Marlin is a fine corner. What are they thinking? They can't be thinking of doing this unless they are bringing Harper back.
  • Colts are close to hiring replacements for Leslie Frazier, former DB coach now DC in Minnesota, and former-Defensive Quality Control Coach Diron Reynolds.
  • Colts cut special team ace and back-up safety Dexter Reid. They might re-sign him before training camp.
  • And finally, Jerry Angelo continues to prove he is a moron. His best player on offense, Thomas Jones, is demanding a trade from Chicago... and Angelo is going to honor it. Wow. Um, Jones is the only consistent thing on the Bears' offense. He is a stud RB. He is also under contract. If he wants a trade, tough. He's under contract. If he's upset with his contract, then come to a consensus. If he won't agree, then tough. He's under contract and is expected to play. You don't just trade RBs like Jones. First no contract for Lovie Smith, and now Thomas Jones. Wow.