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They might be Colts

With the NFL Combine winding down, I thought I'd focus on some players that the Colts will certainly take a look at because they fit Indy's schemes and the "fit" as the kind of player the Colts would bring into Indy.

  • WR Jason Hill, Washington State. Yes, I know what you are thinking? A wideout? We need a shutdown corner! A run stuffing DT! A big play linebacker if Cato leaves! Yes, I know these other positions are of need, but hear me out. Bill Polian NEVER drafts who you think he will draft. The one exception was last year. I picked he would take Joseph Addai because of the lose of Edgerrin James and because Addai "fit" with the Colts. For reasons like that, Jason Hill "fits" the Colts. He's described as someone who:
    Runs good routes and just knows how to get open...Physical and knows how to use his body...Was extremely productive and a big play threat...Hands are big and reliable...Good body control and adjusts well to poorly thrown balls...Natural athlete with good quickness who plays faster than he times...Agile and elusive in the open field...Has a nose for the endzone.

    That remind you of anyone?


    Hill also ran a blistering 4.32 40 time at the Combine. With guys like WR Calvin Johnson getting all the Combine attention, a potential gem like Hill might slip down to the Colts. With the uncertain future of Brandon Stokley, getting someone like Hill could really help the Colts.

  • DT Jay Alford, Penn State. No, I didn't pick this guy because he's Steve Alford's nephew or anything like that. Alford is intriguing because he posted back-to-back 8 sack seasons at Penn State. He's listed at 288 pounds. I have no draft report on him, but he seems like a proto-typical Dungy DT. Obviously, he's not a first round pick. He might land to Indy in the 3rd or 4th round.
  • LB Buster Davis, Florida State. Forget the fact that his name is "Buster," as if he should have bunny ears and running around with the Tiny Toons. Davis has a lot of the things Dungy and Polian look for in a player:
    Very instinctive and always around the action...Big hitter and solid tackler...Good pass rusher and blitzer...Versatile and can play inside or outside...Strong with a sturdy frame...Quick and has a burst...Aggressive with a great motor...Moves well with sideline-to-sideline range...Has a lot of experience and was durable...Has a high football IQ and is like an extra coach on the field...Was very productive...An excellent leader with top-notch intangibles...Has a lot of special teams potential.
    His knock? He's short, about 5'10. No problem. The whole Colts linebacking corps is short. The Bears, on the other hand, have a big linebacking corps.

    Who won the rings?

    Size is THE most over-rated stat in football. Davis might end up as a fine late first day gem. His motor, speed, and intangibles make him ideal for the Cover 2.

If you have any players you'd like to suggest, post them in the comments. I'll have some more potential players up when I get more information.