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Final thoughts as we countdown to the Super Bowl

As we count down to the opening kick-off for Super Bowl 41, I just wanted to say how amazed I am at how this team, and this site, have grown throughout the season. From mini-camp to training camp to preseason to regular season to the playoffs the traffic on this site has steadily grown while the togetherness of this Colts team has solidifed as well. What I have been most proud of it how Colts fans have handled themselves during this run, and especially these last two weeks. We've seen Bears fans post some silly and somewhat inappropriate things, trying to solidy for themselves why the Bears deserve to be here. Obviously, not all Bears fans are like this. The point is, I haven't seen any Colts fans do anything like this.

We know the Colts deserve to be in this game. We don't need to trash talk to prove or back that up.

As a fan, I have never been more proud of an Indiana team than I am of these Colts. I loved the '95 team. Jim Harbaugh, Tony Bennett, Floyd Turner, Ken Dilger, Tony Siragusa, they were all my favorites. This 2006 team has, for me, become my favorite. They are a mirror reflection of their coach: classy, tough, dignified, and resolute. It has been such a joy to watch this team play all year, overcoming all kinds of adversity.

This is the power of sports, and much of the reason we watch sporting events and follow teams. We like to watch players overcome their own weaknesses and rise above what we think they can do. Remember, it is the journey that you must savour, and this journey has been one I will remember for a very long time.

Now, we get to enjoy the moment. The journey has taken the team, and the fans, to Miami. This Super Bowl has changed Indy. Everyone is decked out in blue and white. It is amazing to see how the Indy has taken to the Colts.

For me, I will live blog the Super Bowl, with new entries posted every quarter. I'll do my best to lift some comments and place them in the new entries. I plan to enjoy this moment, enjoy the fact that the team I enjoy so much is playing in the biggest game in America. I hope we all enjoy it together, here.

Go Colts!