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Super Bowl XLI Live Blog: Halftime

This image of Super Bowl XLI brought to you by SlipNSlide.
Halftime score: Colts 16-Bears 14.

Adam Vinatier just missed a FG that just cost two friends of mine $5,000. The game looks as if it is being played on a SlipNSlide. 6 turnovers already, three for each team. Despite a shaky first quarter, Manning has settled down and is moving the ball. Devon Hester's kick-off return for a TD and Thomas Jones' long run are the difference for the Bears thus far. Otherwise, they haven't done zip.

I'm so freaking out right now I can't put it into words. This game is pure chaos. All the rules are out the window. Botched FGs, extra points, fumbles, interceptions, blown coverages... this is madness I tell you.


And now, Prince...