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Brain... still... processing

Photo: AP
It is past midnight, and I have no intention of sleeping. I'm sitting here, drinking a beer, answering emails, texts, and phones calls congratulating me. My best friend from when we were six years old called from San Diego, screaming out loud with joy. It is all crazy. I can only imagine what downtown Indy looks and sounds like.

It's all very surreal; very pleasantly surreal. I almost can't put into words my feelings. It is as if all the tension in body were swept away. There is nothing but joy. This is the power of sports.

For a brief moment, all life worries melt away, and all I care about is my Colts are now champions. Tony Dungy is a champion. Peyton Manning will now go down as one of the best QBs ever, if not THE best. The city of Indianapolis has its first real major championship. Jimmy Irsay got to hold up that trophy.

It's all so wonderful. That's the power of sports. Worries wash away, for a time, and all that matters is the Colts are now the best team in pro football.