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Peter King = Big fat idiot

I think there isn't a good-to-great player in this league who shies away from physical contact more than Marvin Harrison. The book is out on the guy -- hit him early and threaten to take him out of the game -- and everyone knows it. It's absurd he didn't crash into safety Chris Harris and break up his first-half interception.

Two things:

  • Marvin Harrison is a first ballot Hall of Famer with a Super Bowl ring. The book is certainly not "out on this guy."
  • Did Peter King not watch Harrison's leg get bent backwards while he went up for a catch over the middle in the third quarter? Did he not see Harrison get up and walk off on his own after that? Any other player and that hit ends his career. Did he even watch the game, or was this fat ass bag too busy picking tator tots off the complimentary buffet table?

Peter King... fat idiot.