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Patriots fans mourn Colts championship

Get used to this being a regular thing, Patriots fans
I normally don't give a crap what Patriots fans think, unless it is someone like InBradyWeTrust. Since the AFC Championship Game, I've seen a lot of whining from Patriot Nation, complaining about the officiating in the game.

Irony is obviously lost to these people.

However, there are some Pats blogs I enjoy. Patriots Blog is one. Sure, the writer is a Pats fans and most of his opinions are delusional and silly. However, despite this, Jeff is a very fine writer who I enjoy reading when I can. He had some good nuggets about Manning winning a ring, and the Colts developing into a championship team:

On my way into my apartment this morning I noticed some remnants of someone's party in the middle of the walkway. It was thick, spread out a good distance, and the color one would expect for such an occasion. The individual responsible for this mess no doubt had the same startling realization I did after last night's game and this was the product of it. Now that there are no more excuses, no more glitches, no more flaws to the Colts game, they will steamroll the NFL from here until who knows when.

I realized this after seeing the look in Peyton's eyes last night, when he finally realized his fullest potential. He didn't have that exhausted "finally" look on his face. It was a look like he'd already been there, and this was just one more day on the calendar. Seeing that, I instantly succumbed to fear. That's the look legends have. Larry Bird had the look. Tom Brady, Joe Montana had the look. That look on their face, not giving way to instant gratification, but rather savoring the moment only to know in the back of their mind there's more to be had. And if that realization doesn't scare anyone in the NFL who isn't a Colts fan, you're really not seeing the big picture.

I noticed this as well. A friend of mine today asked me, Why wasn't Manning jumping up and down for joy after they won? He looked very subdued. Humble. Why was that? Jeff at Patriots Blog summarized perfectly why Manning wasn't flying around like a maniac after winning his ring. Manning knows this is merely the beginning. Jeff continues:
For those of you who aren't Patriots fans have grown tired of the success the Patriots have had. But last night gave birth to something far worse than the saturation you got from New England. Off the field, we'll succumb to even more Colts/Manning frenzy, more commercials, more Tony Dungy, etc. On the field, we witnessed a complete team play like champions, like a Dynasty. This was the start of something awful for football fans. Unless you're a Colts guy, you're gonna hate the league over the next few years. And the sad part of it is there's only one team capable of beating the Colts, and unless they retool and come back with a vengeance next year, the Patriots will be pushed away by the next dynasty of this new century.
The worst nightmare for every chowda-eating-Brady-lover out there has been realized: The Colts are champions, and they have realized their full potential. They will continue to play championship-caliber football, and not many teams can stop them.

As a Colts fan, I relish this. Let the arrogant, petty, obnoxious fans in America's northeast suffer. The Colts have owned them and their team the last two years, embarrassing them time and again. However, unlike Patriots fans, who rub in every New England win like they are throwing maggots on an open wound, I don't rub victories in. They always claimed Manning was a choker; that Dungy was over-rated; that the Colts were a soft team that couldn't win in adverse weather.

Bet they feel smart right now. Let'm rot in their misery.