Cato June on the Dan Patrick Show

Cato June is an unresticted free-agent this offseason. When asked what is more important to him, money or the Colts, Cato did not hesitate to say the Colts. Cato June wants to be a Colt next year and the year after that. He wants to play for Tony Dungy. He wants to play for the city of Indianapolis.

It is rare to find players who do not chase the extra dollar. The Colts should lock him up. June said he isn't afraid to go to another city, if the Colts don't pay him. If they give him a reasonable amount of money, our best linebacker will return. There were some times this year where the toughness and effort of June was questioned. I know for a fact that Cato June works hard to be the best player that he can be. If the Colts want Cato June to be their WSLB next year, he will be.

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