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Who's going. Who's staying. Who's coming back.

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Possible return to Indy for OG Rick DeMulling?
Free agency starts at midnight, and as many as 12 Colts from last years squad will hit the streets. Players like the recently cut Brandon Stokley, Cato June, Nick Harper, Rocky Boiman, Dominic Rhodes, and Mike Doss are all unrestricted free agents, and for many of these players it is unlikely that they will return as Colts next season. Interestingly, neither Corey Simon or Montae Reagor were cut. Cutting Simon would have saved the Colts a bundle under the cap, yet they did not cut him. An interesting decision considering Simon's uncertain future.

Of the free agents, here are the goners and the folks likely coming back:

Goners: Dominic Rhodes, Mike Doss, Nick Harper, Cato June, Brandon Stokley, Rocky Boiman, Jake Scott, Bo Schobel, and Aaron Moorehead.

Likely Coming Back: Dan Klecko, Terrence Wilkins, James Mungro, and Rob Morris.

Guys like Harper, June, and Rhodes will get offers from other teams that are not going to get matched by the Colts, Harper especially. Mike Doss will want to go to a team that will start him. Stokley will get some good offers from teams looking for a game-breaking deep threat (Minnesota, New England, or even a return to Baltimore).

Restricted free agents offered tenders were Jason David, Gilbert Gardner, Ryan Lilja, Jim Sorgi, and Josh Thomas. This means Jake Scott and Bo Schobel will become free agents and are likely gone. The curious move here is offering a tender to Gardner, a man called out by his own coach before the Super Bowl, and not Jake Scott, who blocked very well all season. Interesting indeed.

As usual, the Colts are not the only team cutting key players today. The Ravens cut Jamal Lewis. Pittsburgh parted with Joey Porter, and the Saints booted Joe Horn. Some other players of note that were cut are two former Colts: OG Rick DeMulling and TE Marcus Pollard. Both are getting cut from Detroit. Rick DeMulling was an amazing OG for the Colts before they let him go after 2004. He floundered in Detroit, as most players go. A DeMulling return to Indy, especially in light of Scott not getting an offer, would be huge. DeMulling is an outstanding pulling guard and does very well in the Colts' system.