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Yes, there is indeed some Colts news

Geez, it sure is boring in Colts land. While the Patriots continue to do their best impression of the Washington Redskins, the Colts sit back and wait for this free agency bonanza to blow over. Despite this lack of activity, there is some news:

  • Adam Schefter on NFL Network listed the Colts as a team that might trade for Cowboys RB Julius Jones. I like Jones, and he would be a fine back to replace Dom.
  • The Patriots might have cheated in their trade for Wes Welker. The NFL Players association may investigate the rather shady trade deal between the Pats and the Dolphins. According to the Sun-Sentinel:
    The NFL Players Association is concerned that the Patriots and Dolphins violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement while putting together the recent trade of receiver Wes Welker and has asked the NFL Management Council for an explanation, according to a source.

    "They may have violated the CBA rule that says one club can't offer the player's former team anything that would [sway] that team from matching their offer," the source said. "Anti-collusion [rule], that's another thing that may come into play."

    The source added that the NFLPA's interest in the matter stemmed from complaints made by Welker's agent, Vann McElroy, regarding the devaluation of his client because of possible violations.

    The inquiry was also based on a series of newspaper and Internet reports leading up to the trade that indicated that the Patriots were set to give Welker, then a restricted free agent, an offer sheet worth $38.5 million over seven years on March 3.

    An report said the Patriots were going to include a "poison pill" that said if Welker played four games in Florida, his contract would become fully guaranteed.

    No offer sheet was tendered by the Patriots and on March 5, the Dolphins traded Welker, their leading receiver in 2006, to New England for a second- and seventh-round draft pick.

  • Indianapolis is one of the finalists to host Super Bowl XLIII, per Mike Florio at PFT.
  • The Colts have signed a few back-up quarterbacks.
  • Ian Scott, former DT for the Bears, is still a free agent. Why haven't the Colts looked at him? He knows the Cover 2. Was he that bad in Chicago?

Also, we premiered the first SB Nation podcast last Sunday, and the show got a very favorable response. Hundreds listened to it live and/or downloaded the podcast. We're going to do it every Sunday at 8pm EST.

Oh, and I trust all of you have filled out your brackets.