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Harper signs with Titans

Now that the Tennessee Titans have taken yet another good Colts defender (they first took David Thornton last season), I feel it may duty to give Nick Harper a bit of a send off, because he was the best corner the Indianapolis Colts have ever had. Sure, many fans will say Ray Buchanon was thee best Colts corner. Many fans would be wrong. Ray had speed, quickness, and a knack for INTs, but he wasn't consistent. He wasn't steady.

Harper was.

With nick Harper, you knew exactly what you were going to get: tough tackler, good cover corner, smart player, plays through pain. The man was stabbed in the leg with a knife by his own wife the night before the AFC Playoff Game against Pittsburgh. He was given stitches, and PLAYED IN THE GAME WITH A KNIFE WOUND. He also played well in that game. Many Colts fans blamed him for not running Bettis' fumble back for a TD.


The guy picked up the fumble and advanced it 50-plus yards to give him a team a chance. If, as a fan, you cannot be satisfied with that, then start rooting for another sport. Harper played brilliant football all through 2006. In fact, aside from Ronde Barber, Harper was the best Cover 2 corner in football in 2006. I cannot honestly remember a time when I have seen Nick Harper get beat deep. He is always around the football, making tackles or INTs. His INT of Steve McNair in the Baltimore playoff game was amazing; text book corner play. He was hurt all throughout the playoffs and yet still produced.

Jimmy over at Music City Miracles should be happy. Harper is now their best corner. Better than Adam Jones, or anyone else on their roster. I don't know how he will work in Fisher's defense, but I know he will play hard and consistent. It's tough to see Nick go, especially to the Thumbtacs. But, Nick wanted his payday, and he certainly deserved it.

Thanks for the play, Nick. Good luck (except against the Colts).

Funny line from ppr314 about Harper leaving:

Jesus man!  I know it's a business, and the Colts can't afford to keep everyone, but do we have to keep losing defenders to Division rivals?  Harper and Thorton to the Titans.  Peterson went to the Jags.

I guess, since Tennessee can't beat Indy (unless it is on a lucky 60-yard FG), they might as well try and sign everyone off the roster and bleed the Colts dry.